Automate your Fish Farm
with State-Of-The-Art Technology

That's exactly what we do. FishBot is an automated fish-farming platform which uses IoT and Cloud technology to help fish-farmers scale up their productions and reduce the resources required.

At Fishbot, we develop state-of-the-art technology. With our system providing real-time information, fish-farmers can monitor the water environment in their farms, and the data collected will be used to further refine the system.


By having real-time access to the sensors through our App, we provide the most-updated information to fish-farm owners. This can also minimize risk for fish-farm owners as they have access to their fish-farms instantaneously. We also use the data to calibrate the fish-farm to an optimal environment for the farmed fish to live in, hence maximize growth.


With our custom mobile application, owners can track the situation in their fish-farms through the system 24/7 and get notified immediately when there are abnormalities or something to pay attention to.


Automation is a huge focus for FishBot, as we are the first company in the field working in this direction. With the help of our data analytics, we can stream-line the entire production process and ensure that the farm fish are raised at an optimum environment.

Save Cost

One of the biggest aims of FishBot is to help corporates and fish farmers scale up their productions. With more information and automation, fish-farms can utilize the advantages that FishBot brings and improve their revenue streams.

By the Numbers


Continents that FishBot field testings are conducted in


Fish-Farms interested

1 Million+

Lines of code written.


The following are some screenshots from our Mobile Application, showing how the system works.




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